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Heavner’s piano playing is most impressive. “Always Patsy Cline”

The well-rehearsed band, featured clearly outstanding piano work in the authentic style by Mike Heavner. His convincing, bluesy interpretation provided the perfect accompaniment for Welch’s vocals. “Always Patsy Cline”

Although all the characters had amazing voices, a lot of credit has to be given to the band led by Michael Heavner, never missed a step. It accommodated the players wonderfully, and in my opinion, should have been brought out to center stage to receive a strongly deserved ovation. “Blues in the Night”

The Secret Garden at the Argenta Community Theater magical … Michael Heavner’s orchestrations serve the show well.

Special mention is in order for the musicians behind the scenes, musical director Charles Creath, a Motown Records artist and producer, shares the keyboard duties with Michael Heavner, and both do excellent work. “DreamGirls”

Finally, a hearty salute to the band and musical director/conductor, Michael Heavner on keyboards, their energy and first-rate musicianship enhance the trio of performers and provide some of the shows finest moments. These guys are smoking. “Idols of the King”


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Michael Heavner is a highly versatile freelance musician and educator with a comprehensive background in music education and consultancy. He serves as a music education specialist and consultant at the Justin Moore Music Academy located in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Saline County Complex in Benton, Arkansas. Additionally, he is a virtual dance musician at BodyVox dance company in Portland, Oregon, where he contributes to Martha Graham’s beginner to advanced dance classes in partnership with the University of Washington.

Moreover, Michael joined the UA Little Rock Department of Theatre Arts and Dance in 2006, where he excelled as an instructor of recording arts technology and piano until 2010. From January 2006 to May 2021, he undertook various roles, including musical director, instructor, dance musician, front-end website, and social media manager.

Michael’s academic experience includes serving as an Artist in Residence at the University of Central Arkansas, College of Fine Arts and Communication, and as a Guest Musical Director at Hendrix College in Conway, AR. He holds a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Graduate School and a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Notably, Michael also attained a Ph.D. in Honky Tonk Piano Performance from the esteemed Jimmy Doyle’s Country Club. Actively engaged in recording arts technology, he produces custom-recorded musical orchestrations and sound designs for theatre, radio, and artists nationally and internationally.

His extensive career has encompassed national tours, where he performed as a musical director/keyboardist in equity tours of Blues in the Night, Idols of the King, and Always Patsy Cline across the United States. Michael has garnered further experience as a musical director/pianist for numerous equity and non-equity productions nationwide.

Michael has an extensive background in the music industry, encompassing academic and professional musical theatre achievements. His repertoire includes collaborations with esteemed recording artists such as Grammy winner Larry Gatlin, Charley Pride, Earl Thomas Conley, Lawrence Hamilton, David Ball, Dale Hawkins, Narvel Felts, Mike Huckabee, The Platters, The Coasters, and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Percy Sledge. Furthermore, Michael’s prowess as a pianist is highlighted on two live CDs — “Back By Popular Demand” and “Standing Room Only” — by The Diamonds, a renowned “doo-wop” group that has been inducted into the Doo-Wop Hall of Fame.


Full-Time Instructor

MUED 5192 -04 SS Digital Audio MIDI
MUED 5192 -03 SS, MIDI
MUED 4292 03 SS, Digital Audio MIDI
MUTH 4290 02 SS, Basic Theory Concepts
MUED 4192 04 SS MIDI
MUPR 3217-01 MIDI
MUPR 2217-01 MIDI -12370
MUAP 2254-01 ST MIDI 62425
MUAP 2254-01 ST 11887
MUAP 2254-02 Digital Audio
MUPR 2117-01 MIDI
MUPR 1217-01 MIDI
MUPR 1117-01 MIDI
MUPR 1226-03 Piano
MUPR 1126-03 Piano

Full-Time Instructor/Musical Director/Principle Dance Musician

• DANC 3240-01 Music for Dance
• DANC 4340 01 Musical Theatre Workshop
• THEA 2359-01 IT for Theatre and Dance
• THEA ST 4159 02 Sound Design for Theatre
• THEA 4160 02 Independent Study

• Princelple Dance Musician for Ballet and Modern Courses.
• Frontend Website and Social Media Manager
• Online Ticket Sales Manager
• Digital Photo Archivist
• Sound Designer (select productions)
• Musical Director/Orchestration Production: the performing and recording music for live playback to be sung, danced, and performed in live productions.
• Vigorous recruitment efforts on behalf of UA Little Rock
• Worked with Google and Google Maps for over two years to establish map coordinates for parking lots 4, 5, and 6 on the south side of campus and the University Theatre, Center for Performing Arts.
• Represented UA Little Rock as the principal dance musician for the annual American College Dance Association in the Southern Region of the United States, performing for dance and master classes.

Hendrix College-Guest Musical Director 2011 and 2013

Artist in Resident 2011

Guest Musical Director 2022

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